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Cooking with Chicken

While there are numerous places one can go to find interesting chicken recipes, at Hip Chick Farms we prefer to stick with the healthiest organic recipes that use natural ingredients and free range chickens, just as we do with our products. The Hip Chick chicken fingers, wings and meatballs are perfect as appetizers or as main meal with your favorite garden vegetables which we serve often to friends and family. A website that we like to use as inspiration for meals is Organic Authority where you can find recipes for Stuffed Roast Organic Chicken and a wild mushroom, winter root chicken pot pie recipe. We also like the Cooking Light website for fresh ideas, as well as

By far our greatest inspiration comes from the fresh vegetables that we grow in our own garden, as well as from the local produce that we buy from the farms surrounding us in Sebastopol. Many of our recipes are inspired by serving Hip Chick Farms’ wings, fingers and meatballs with summer squash, eggplant or zucchini grown at home. The Mousewood Cookbook is also a staple in our kitchen, and has provided us with many superb meals by combining dishes there with our own products and fresh produce.

We look forward to sharing recipes with you as we develop our blog, and as always we are sending nothing but good wishes and health from our family to yours. Bon appétit!


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The Ceres Community Project & the Nourishing Connections Cookbook

Every once in awhile we come across a story that warms our hearts highlighting how kind and generous people are and how powerful we can be as a community making a positive difference when we come together for good to help others in need, and we just simply need to share it. The Ceres Community Project in Sebastopol is an inspiring organization that is making people’s lives better by providing healthy and nutritious meals, and a stunning example of a community at its very best. Their cookbook, Nourishing Connections Cookbook, “is the inspiring story of a how a community gathered its resources to creatively address a multitude of needs. The Ceres Community Project provides 40,000 beautiful, delicious and nourishing free meals each year to individuals and families living with a life-threatening illness such as cancer. The program’s chefs are hundreds of teens from more than eighteen local schools. The young chefs gain culinary and leadership skills, knowledge, and the inspiration to make cooking and eating whole foods a part of their life.

The book’s more than one hundred recipes represent those most loved by the Ceres Community Project’s clients and all have been home tested by people living with serious illness. For those with limited energy, each recipe comes with suggestions for how to break down the preparation tasks into smaller steps over several days, as well as a wealth of suggestions for how to nourish yourself well with almost no cooking.”

While I’m sure that organic, free range chicken is a staple in many of the recipes found in the Nurishing Connections Cookbook, perhaps even more importantly the love of an entire community is sprinkled on each and every page. Bravo Ceres Community Project, and thank you for making such a spectacular and lasting difference in our beloved hometown of Sebastopol.

Ceres Community Project Kitchen and Office
7351 Bodega Avenue
Sebastopol, CA 95472
Tel: 707-829-5833

Listen to Teen Chef Shelby talk about what the Ceres Community Project means to her.